Audit and Assurance

We provide a comprehensive and integrated range of services which address all accounting and auditing and taxation needs of our clients. Our dedicated team strive to provide exceptional and quality services for our clients, with bespoke solutions tailored to address the specific, taxation and auditing requirements of each client.

Auditing is an intricate and multifarious process. The importance of auditors as a key link in the financial reporting chain has always been important, and in the present globalized business scenario, it has become more crucial.
At HMA we understand the importance of advances in auditing techniques, and through continuous training and learning for our team, we strive to provide the best of our services.

1Statutory Audit
Our auditors perform a statutory audit of small and medium businesses. The outcome of statutory audit includes fair opinion assurance, a complete assessment of accounts, compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements, as well as adherence to accounting standards like IFRS.
2Non-statutory Audit

Our auditors perform non-statutory audits for reviewing and verifying an organization’s reports on financial matters. Our audits lend credibility to client’s financial reporting, and it is well received by banks and financial institutions that rely on independent auditor’s assessment. Our audit also reports help’s management to be assured about their financial reporting process.

3Agreed upon Procedures
The main objective here is to carry out the audit procedures which HMA, client and any third party have agreed and to prepare the report on fact-based findings. Financial status review of a company, financial structure advice, risk, assessing operational efficiency of controls, and verifying business processes, are some agreed-upon procedures that we perform.
4Forensic accounting and fraud detection
Forensic tests are performed to recognize, collect and analyze the information on financial matters to reconstruct the accounting activities and to retrieve specific documents related to a case. If any errors are found in the documents, we work closely with the clients and their legal counsel to reduce organizational loss and to maximize the return on investments. We offer consultancy in areas like fund and assets appropriation, embezzlement, employee theft, insurance fraud, errors in financial records, schemes on investment, securities fraud for various organizations like non-profit and corporate organizations, legal counsel and small businesses.

What are Our Auditing Standards?

As most of the audit firms in UAE, we are following the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), a set of accounting standards that are constructed by a non-profit organization named as the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB). It is a known accounting or auditing standard worldwide, being used by companies and becoming a standard global standard.